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Simon G4ELI
Simon G4ELI

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LimeSDR Mini
LimeSDR Mini
The new LimeSDR Mini working with V3. Early days still, screenshot shows lots of interference from PC and UPS.

RadFxSat Fox 1B
RadFxSat Fox 1B

Picking up RadFxSat Fox 1B on her first pass over Cornwall, FM on 145.960 adjusted for Doppler. The initial TLE data is pretty accurate. Receiver is the Airspy HF+, antenna general log periodic for 130 MHz to 1.3 GHz.


Click here for an audio recording (MP3)

Station Info

V3 Analyser
V3 Analyser

Here's a screenshot of the version 3 Analyser slowly taking shape. This is a zoomed processing on 963kHz taken from an overnight recording, we see many medium wave (MW) carriers present.

Data processing at 1,343 megabytes / second from a NVMe SSD card.

More later...


Listening to pirates on FLTSAT-8 with the HF+. Found the FLTSAT 8 TLE data on the internet, added it and let the software point the log periodic at the satellite. First time I've ever listened to the pirates - not very entertaining if truth be told.

In The Shack

Here are pictures of the offcie / playroom / shack.



Airspy HF+ & NOAA 18
Airspy HF+ & NOAA 18

Overhead Pass

Here's an example of the HF+ receiving the NOAA 18 APT weather satellite, the antenna is a log periodic covering 130 MHz to 1.3 GHz. The HF+ is very sensitive and very quiet - no mixer products, spurs, or artifacts at all.



Low Angle Pass

Here's an image from NOAA 18 but a moch lower angle - 13 degrees. You see noise on the image, but nethertheless an excellent copy.

Another Airspy HF+
Another Airspy HF+

My second Airspy HF+ arrived today fresh from the production run, below are a couple of screenshots from BBC Radio Cornwall on 103.9 MHz. In the main photo you see the packaging!

Well worth waiting for, no-one will be disappointed.

ACOM 1200s

This is what I want for Christmas. 1kW of pure loveliness, ideal for my SDR transceivers.

More information here.

New Wesbsite - Almost Ready
New Wesbsite - Almost Ready

The new website (that's this one) is almost ready - still testing but looking good. Sadly the old skins I used on DNN8 were deemed to not be secure, the company I purchased them from did nothing about this, so I bought news skines from and a new DNN system with DNN 9 was installed on a big DoDaddy farm.

Please have a look through the pages and report any problems.

Thanks - Simon

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  • FM Band II E's & Tropo Posted 2 weeks ago
    The band is filled with lots of French, Spanish and Moroccan stations, a mix of Tropo and Sporadic-E. Using Airspy R2 and 8-element yagi from Innov Antennas.
  • Direct Frequency Input Posted 2 months ago
    You now enter a new receive frequency by simply entering 0 ... 9 or . (period). As soon as you start typing the Frequency window is displayed. C toggles the Centre option, K toggles between kilohertz and megahertz. For more options click the ellipses.
  • Signal History Export Posted 2 months ago
    The signal history is selected from the View, Spectrum pane in the ribbon bar, the data is exported by selecting the ellipses button. In the Export window you now select: Field delimiter and correcsponding file format of comma (CSV) or tab (TSV), Decimal separator of . or the separator for your locale, for example a ,.
  • Broadcast FM Posted 2 months ago
    At the request of Broadcast FM users, I've added the most common options to the ribbon bar. The image below shows what's now. Stereo - enables stereo, when signals are weak mono can be preferable, Partial - enable display of text even when only partially decoded, should be used in very weak signal situations, PI Code - show the Program Information code, Show - show the RDS text in an overlay on the waterfall.
  • 1 kW SDR Posted 2 months ago
    Next week a beta Gemini 1K will arrive at the G4ELI location. With just 10W from an ANAN 10E it'll generate 1 kilowatt without breaking into a sweat.
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