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New Wesbsite - Almost Ready
New Wesbsite - Almost Ready

The new website (that's this one) is almost ready - still testing but looking good. Sadly the old skins I used on DNN8 were deemed to not be secure, the company I purchased them from did nothing about this, so I bought news skines from and a new DNN system with DNN 9 was installed on a big DoDaddy farm.

Please have a look through the pages and report any problems.

Thanks - Simon

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  • V3 Server Posted 2 weeks ago
    Still early days - testing the connection between Cornwall and North Carolina. Streaming IQ data, working well. Enjoying the AM transmissions on 80m.
  • ISS Images, Dec 7th - 8th 2017 Posted last month
    In total nine of the twelve were copied during the afternoon passes on December 7th and 8th 2017.          
  • ISS Images, Dec 6 2017, 15:03 UTC Posted last month
    Excellent images copied from the ISS. radio is the Airspy HF+, 12 element X Yagi, satellite tracking etc. from SDR Console.      
  • LimeSDR Transmitting Posted last month
    I spent a day working on transmit support for the LimeSDR. This is by no means finished, but I'm able to say that it works. I have a few problems, Big spur at 0Hz, probably generated by a bad software mixer, Noise bursts when switching from receive to transmit.  The above are down to my own software, so I'll give myself a good kicking sometime and get this fixed later in 2017 or early 2018. Here we see the Upper Sideband (USB) signal as received with an Airspy HF+. And here's the TX panel from SDR Console.
  • LimeSDR Mini Posted last month
    The new LimeSDR Mini working with V3. Early days still, screenshot shows lots of interference from PC and UPS.
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