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Thanks to reader 'flatflyfish' for submitting information on how to get Martin Marinov's TempestSDR up and running on a Windows system. If you didn't already know by definition "TEMPEST" refers to techniques used by some spy agencies to eavesdrop on electronic equipment via their unintentional radio emissions (as well as via sounds and vibrations). All electronics emit […]

Airspy have just tweeted a Black Friday deal for their products sold on iTead Studio. Simply use the coupon "AIRSPYBLACK" when checking out. It looks like the coupon is giving 15% off the Airspy Mini and Airspy R2. No discounts yet for the Airspy HF+ or SpyVerters. #BlackFriday #Discount on a selection of Airspy products […]

Thanks to Mike (ghostop14) for submitting another interesting article this time about his work with spectral fusion on the WiFi and Bluetooth bands. In the article Mike describes his new Sparrow-WiFi tool, which is a tool that allows you to visualize the WiFi and Bluetooth signal spaces all in one spectral display. The hardware consists of a WiFi […]

Over on YouTube user IW2DZX has uploaded a video showing him using an old EeePC 900 to receive HF with an RTL-SDR V3 running in direct sampling mode on a Raspberry Pi 3 which is running a SpyServer. An EeePC 900 is an old netbook that was released in 2008 which is lightweight, portable and was fairly cheap. Second […]

Over on his blog Daniel Estevez has created a post showing how an RTL-SDR can be used to receive, plot and forward RS41-SGP radiosonde data to the APRS-IS network. Radiosondes are the small payloads used on weather balloons. They transmit weather and positional telemetry data back to a base station at the meteorological agency. But depending on the frequency […]

Over on his YouTube channel Tysonpower a.k.a Manuel has uploaded a video showing a demonstration of his home made antenna rotator. Manuel has also created a blog post about his antenna rotator, which includes a full parts list and a link to all the files. An antenna rotator can be used to automatically point a high gain directional […]

Moments ago we posted our own review of the RSP1A. But other radio bloggers, YouTubers and websites have also recently released reviews. Below is a summary of those other reviews. SWLing Post Blog In his post on the blog Thomas has nothing but positive words for the RSP1A, an excerpt reads: But what of this SDR’s performance? […]

Yesterday the SDRplay team released the $99 US RSP1A, which is a revision of the RSP1A. In this post we present a review comparing its performance against the older RSP1 and the currently selling $169.95 US RSP2. We aim to mainly show demonstrations of improvements that we've found on the RSP1A in areas where we […]