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Windows 10, Version 1709

The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update 2017 has created many problems for programs which have a ribbon bar using the MFC libraries.

A typical complaint: 'Since this update, all MFC applications that use the ribbon bar start very slowly and even seem to hang. Clicking the main button to show the menu panel then again seems to hang for seconds (!) until its shown.'

This problem was reported in the user group over the weekend of October 28th/29th 2017, after a few hours' investigation and use of Google it was confirmed that the problem was attributable to Microsoft, not the SDR Console coding.

This kit does not solve all the problems but does start up much faster. As soon as Microsoft makes a fix this page will be updated.

As always the case, this kit can be installed on Windows 7 or higher.


The Winver program displays the Windows version, build number and any service packs which are installed To run Winver click the Windows start button, enter “winver” and press Enter. An example of the display for Windows 10, build 1709 is shown below.


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