You can define up to five separate identities, each of which has its own definitions (user file storage) and settings (registry).

To enable identities first display Options from the Tools pane of the ribbon bar, then select Identities.

When the [_] Show.. option is checked the Select Identity window is displayed when you start the program:

You can also display this window by selecting Select Identity from the Windows Start menu:


This program supports five identities: one main and four alternate.

Using identities means you can run multiple fully-independent instances of this program, each with its own set of favourites (so the Favourites do not get over cluttered) - having fewer per identity makes for easier management.


  • Identity for 6m (50 MHz) with the AirSpy SDR with the beacons and calling channels,
  • Identity for 2m (145 MHz) with another SDR,
  • The main identity is for general HF work with a NetSDR.

Each identity has its own layout and customisation settings.

So don't forget - you can auto-start a SDR, see the Start page in the program options (ribbon bar, Tools, Options).



Command Line

To select and identity use the command line qualifier /ident=X where X is the identity index. 0 is the Main identity, 1 to 9 ate the alternate identities.


"C:\Program Files\\SDRConsole.exe" /ident=3