Server :: On-Air






Optionally add your server to the On-Air list of servers at if you allow public access to the server.

On-Air support makes your V3 server visible on a public (or private) website so other users see the status of your server and can connect with just a few keystrokes. When enabled, updates are regularly sent to the central server. For more information visit .

On-Air Server

The address and port of the computer where the on-air central server is running. You will need an upload code which is allocated either by the system administrator. For the current address, port number and upload code press Defaults or visit

Port:       50199
Code:     WelcomeV3

Default Server Account

Optionally supply the Username and Password for a server account (see Accounts tab in this program).

Station Description

You must supply a name for your station, for example G4ELI's Server. The optional Latitude and Longitude are in decimal degrees, North and East are positive, South and West are negative. If you leave these fields empty the central on-air server will attempt to determine the lat/lon from your IP address. If you know your Maidenhead locator you can use this to find your latitude and longitude.


To see the status of the on-air updates select the Logfile/Session tab in this program and check 'Show on-air updates for 5 minutes'.

Security Considerations

All possible code injections are removed from the fields on this window - don't even think about it!