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Introduction is a Windows console for Software Defined Radio (SDR) receivers and transceivers. Designed for the commercial, government, amateur radio and short-wave listener communities, the software provides a powerful interface for all SDR users. GmbH is working very closely with RFspace Inc. of Atlanta, Georgia, USA to bring you the best SDR experience available today.

The software is being continually developed with new features added on a regular basis. You do not need a licence to use this software with RFSPACE, FUNcube Dongles, Soundcard (SoftRock) and low-end SDRs.

Supported Radios

This software supports the radios from RFspace: SDR-IQ, SDR-14, SDR-IP and the NetSDR.Soundcard radios such as SoftRocks are also supported, as is the excellent FUNcube Dongle. What are you waiting for?


A lot of recordings are available on Simon HB9DRV's YouTube channel. Here is a recording of real amateur enthusiasts with various radios, the recording was made over the internet using a remote SDR-IQ and active antenna located in Poole, Dorset.

The YouTube channel contains many more interesting recordings featuring the good, the bad and sometimes the very ugly.

Remote over Internet

Most urban locations are plagued by noise from all sorts of devices such as Power Line Telecommunications (PLT). Not everyone can relocate to a rural location, but you can locate your SDR receiver anywhere there's an internet connection. 

So select a location where there's low noise and good reception, configure the remote server on a small Windows system (an ATOM-based CPU is adequate) and you have the ultimate in reception. The connection is secure and even includes a firewall! Everything you need to know is on .

Simple SDRs

To help newcomers to the hobby of radio this software supports the simpler SDR radios which use soundcards as part of the implementation.

The most common SDRs are the famour SoftRocks from Tony Parks, KB9YIG.The radios tested with this software are:

HF Radio Integration

Of course you can integrate an HF transceiver with an SDR receiver to create the ultimate solution in terms of cost effectiveness, integration and system flexibility.

By using a standard transceiver you have the advantage of a 'real radio', by adding an SDR receiver you have not only the ultimate bandscope but also a receiver which out-performs almost any other receiver! 

You can buy an SDR receiver such as the SDR-IQ from RFspace plus a PC bundle from your local store for less than the cost of most external bandscopes. More information...


The excellent FUNcube Dongle from AMSAT UK is supported, use this to listen to satellites, decode weather images and much, much more...

 MP3 recordings of the AMSAT UK 80m net are available here.

Licence Expired!

New licences are available - free. For more information please visit the download site.

Version 1.5

July 1st, 2012. Version 1.5 is available for download here, this kit does not have an expiry date. Developers are already working on version 2.0.

Click to join sdr-radio-com

Click to join sdr-radio-com

FUNcube Dongle Plus

There's a FUNcube Dongle Pro Plus in the development laboratory, for more information click here!

No Radio Needed

Listen For Free!

Many SDR owners have made their radios available over the internet. Just look at the Web Servers page for a list of the radios you can use. Help files and software kits are available on the Downloads page.



Need a SDR radio? The very best SDR solutions are available from RFspace of Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

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