The Data Decoder is started from the Windows pane in the ribbon bar.

Demod Mode

Select either USB for a waterfall bandwidth up to 4kHz, or Data USB (from the More... button) for a waterfall bandwidth up to 16kHz.

Filter Width

The data shown in the waterfall is generated after the filtering, so set the filter width to the maximum for a full waterfall. Normally a SDR radio has such a high dynamic range that there is no need to use a narrow filter when decoding.


The currently supported modes are: BPSK, QPSK, Contestia, CW, DominoEx, MFSK, MT63, Olivia, RTTY, RTTYM, Thor, Throb.


Adjust the decoding frequency by clicking or dragging anywhere in the waterfall. You can also use these buttons to 'nudge' the frequency.

There is also AFC (Automatic Frequency Control) for PSK, RTTY and CW. When enabled the software attempts to automatically keep the decoding frequency in the Center of the signal.

Data Decoder

Decoding data transmissions is an essential part of shortwave monitoring. The use of data modes is steadily increasing in the amateur radio community. The console uses a very high performance set of decoders which are tightly integrated in the signal processing flow.


To adjust the waterfall bandwidth use these buttons. As well as selecting the bandwidth you can shift the visible portion of the bandwidth using the green arrow buttons. 

To enhance traces use the contrast slider: