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Simon G4ELI
Simon G4ELI

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Direct Frequency Input

You now enter a new receive frequency by simply entering 0 ... 9 or . (period). As soon as you start typing the Frequency window is displayed.

  • C toggles the Centre option,
  • K toggles between kilohertz and megahertz.
  • For more options click the ellipses.

Signal History Export

The signal history is selected from the View, Spectrum pane in the ribbon bar, the data is exported by selecting the ellipses button.

In the Export window you now select:

  • Field delimiter and correcsponding file format of comma (CSV) or tab (TSV),
  • Decimal separator of . or the separator for your locale, for example a ,.

Broadcast FM

At the request of Broadcast FM users, I've added the most common options to the ribbon bar. The image below shows what's now.

  • Stereo - enables stereo, when signals are weak mono can be preferable,
  • Partial - enable display of text even when only partially decoded, should be used in very weak signal situations,
  • PI Code - show the Program Information code,
  • Show - show the RDS text in an overlay on the waterfall.

1 kW SDR
1 kW SDR

Next week a beta Gemini 1K will arrive at the G4ELI location. With just 10W from an ANAN 10E it'll generate 1 kilowatt without breaking into a sweat.

V3 Beta
V3 Beta

After three years the first beta is available, download from

V3 Server
V3 Server

Still early days - testing the connection between Cornwall and North Carolina. Streaming IQ data, working well. Enjoying the AM transmissions on 80m.

ISS Images, Dec 7th - 8th 2017

In total nine of the twelve were copied during the afternoon passes on December 7th and 8th 2017.


ISS Images, Dec 6 2017, 15:03 UTC

Excellent images copied from the ISS. radio is the Airspy HF+, 12 element X Yagi, satellite tracking etc. from SDR Console.


LimeSDR Transmitting
LimeSDR Transmitting

I spent a day working on transmit support for the LimeSDR. This is by no means finished, but I'm able to say that it works. I have a few problems,

  • Big spur at 0Hz, probably generated by a bad software mixer,
  • Noise bursts when switching from receive to transmit. 

The above are down to my own software, so I'll give myself a good kicking sometime and get this fixed later in 2017 or early 2018.

Here we see the Upper Sideband (USB) signal as received with an Airspy HF+.

And here's the TX panel from SDR Console.

LimeSDR Mini
LimeSDR Mini
The new LimeSDR Mini working with V3. Early days still, screenshot shows lots of interference from PC and UPS.

Recent Posts

  • Release: 3.0.3 Posted last week
    Added support for the bladeRF V2 Added Restart Manager support: Enabled by default in the Start page of the Program Options Not supported in Windows 7 If the computer is restarted and SDR Console is running, then SDR Console will be started with the same identity / radio Added Viridis colour scheme Added Digital Decoder: Enabled via Ribbon Bar, View, More Options (Old registry setting no longer used) Still needs documentation Works, needs improving Added extra RSPduo startup logic (antenna-related). Added Copy and Move options to the Playback Selection window, use these to copy / move entire recordings. Optimised internal logic for analysing files used in data (IQ) recordings.
  • bladeRF 2.0 micro xA4 Posted 3 weeks ago
    Here's the bladeRF 2.0 micro xA4 in action. 60MHz bandwidth, low CPU load. Still early days, but it works! For more info,
  • Viridis Posted last month
    The viridis scales provide color maps that are perceptually uniform in both color and black-and-white. They are also designed to be perceived by viewers with common forms of color blindness. [link to ggplot2] Here's an example of RTTY in action with version 3.0.3 (not available yet), click for a full-size image.
  • Release: 3.0.2 Posted last month
    Performance Some of the early V3 code was not as efficient as it should have been - the Windows message pump was working too hard. Messages have been replaced with callacks and high-precision timers, as a result performance and CPU load on lower-powered computers such as the Core2Duo and mobile CPUs has improved, sometimes quite dramatically. Additions / Fixes Added Favourite Definition Groups. You can now have up to 5 optional sets of Favourite definitions as well as the Default. More below… Added single-tuner RSPduo support. Changing spectrum colours now updates the RX DSP pane if the pane is floating. Latest HF+ library now in use. Issues clicking on main window splitter causing areas of the display to go white (not be painted) resolved. Fixed issues setting recording options via the Program Options. Reduced Airspy / Airspy HF+ latency. Satellite custom name definitions can now be undone. Outstanding Bugs Restarting doesn’t restore the filter width, this always reverts to the default for the last used mode.   Favourite Definition Groups Select from the Defns panel in the ribbon bar, Defns is only shown if you have ...
  • RSPduo Posted 2 months ago
    I just spent two days getting the RSPduo integrated with version 3.0.2 using the RSP specification 2.13. So far, so good - works well. Aiming to release 3.0.2 which has fixes and extra Favourites features.
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