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Release: 3.0.1

Additions / Fixes

  • High / Low range in Spectrum now has sanity checks
  • Updated to latest Airspy HF+ code (iqimbalancer)
  • Serial port CAT control supports concatenated commands
  • Bitrate display in Server Manager / Connections now stable
  • RDS data window positioned better, size now user-selectable (ribbon bar, Receive, Mode, Broadcast FM, RDS / Audio, Max size)
  • Regular keepalive Acks now sent when using SDR-IQ, SDR-14, ANAN
  • ICOM R8600 support
  • If there is an error during a data recording (usually can’t write to disk fast enough) then the error is shown in the recording status window on the main UI
  • Added visual gain for ELAD S1/S2
  • Deferred auto-start of previously selected radio, applied extra logic in the case where the radio may no longer be available
  • Narrow FM - high-pass filter now selectable (Ribbon Bar, Receive, Mode, Narrow FM)

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