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Release: 3.0.1

Additions / Fixes

  • High / Low range in Spectrum now has sanity checks
  • Updated to latest Airspy HF+ code (iqimbalancer)
  • Serial port CAT control supports concatenated commands
  • Bitrate display in Server Manager / Connections now stable
  • RDS data window positioned better, size now user-selectable (ribbon bar, Receive, Mode, Broadcast FM, RDS / Audio, Max size)
  • Regular keepalive Acks now sent when using SDR-IQ, SDR-14, ANAN
  • ICOM R8600 support
  • If there is an error during a data recording (usually can’t write to disk fast enough) then the error is shown in the recording status window on the main UI
  • Added visual gain for ELAD S1/S2
  • Deferred auto-start of previously selected radio, applied extra logic in the case where the radio may no longer be available
  • Narrow FM - high-pass filter now selectable (Ribbon Bar, Receive, Mode, Narrow FM)

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Recent Posts

  • Es'Hail 2 Beacon Posted 2 days ago
    There's a big problem with consumer LNBs - they drift, and drift badly! One way of correcting this drift is to monitor the telemetry beacon, determine the actual received frequecy of the beacon and hey presto - we have the offset! Quite a bit of coding involved, but when you decode BPSK you actually have the offset if you pay attention to the code. Add a nice waterfall so the user can select the beacon, add a bit of funk and we're more than half-way there. Here I'm plotting drift versus time.  Also it's nice to see Es'Hail 2 being used more as people get their systems together. Code will be in 3.0.7 - within a week I hope.  
  • Release: 3.0.6 Posted 2 weeks ago
    Download here [Link]. Note: 3.0.6 fixes / enhances the support for Lime and PlutoSDR. What's new / changed in 3.0.6: Data Recording The WAV file format upgraded to WAV RF64 which supports an unlimited filesize, previously the maximum filesize was 2GB. No more XML files being created. Analyser updated and tested, seems to be OK with these big single-file recordings. Tested with 3rd-party recordings: Perseus, ELAD S2. Redesigned the Playback Select window (below). If you have a lot of recordings this is should be better to use. When you make a new recording the individual filesize is now optional, if not enabled then a single file is created. General Fixed a bug which had been in the code since day 1 (about 4 years ago). As this was thread-related the crash happened rarely, depended on CPU speed and other factors. Restarting a radio/recording could cause a crash due to bad thread synchronisation: Changing radio bandwidth, Starting recording after the radio was running, Starting radio after playing the radio. Default stack size now 2MB (was 1MB) Added a Mute option ...
  • Lime's Digital Filter Posted last month
    So, revisiting the Lime support and have implemented the digital low-pass filter (LPF) built into the chip. In the screenshot below the sample rate is 40 MS/s (40 MHz bandwidth) with the digital filter set to 55% (22MHz). You now see this filter in action.
  • Release: 3.0.5 Posted last month
    Download here [Link]. Note: 3.0.5 fixes / enhances the support for PlutoSDR. What's new / changed in 3.0.5: General Transmit support enabled for frequencies above 4GHz. Receive support error fixed, now works above 4.2GHz. Transmit NFM now has configurable deviation and maximum frequency: Added Synchronous AM demodulation DC correction. If a radio was Stopped / Started with Tone enabled then subsequent transmission was unreliable – either no output or very low output. This problem resolved by resetting the Tone and Tune options in the transmit window when stopping a radio. Cosmetic: program size now optionally shown in status bar (bottom right), this option is enabled in Program Options (bottom right): Cosmetic: receive DSP Mode selection window […] improved: Cosmetic: Select Identity window optionally shown when program starts now has the title correctly updated: Pluto More sanity checks when connecting to a device. Pluto can now be accessed using the IP address, the default is ip: URI (format), the Pluto IP address can be changed as required. Recoded the Pluto transmit thread – now more reliable. Transmit data is correctly buffered ...
  • Satellite Footprints Posted last month
    As part of the fixes / enhancements for 3.0.5 I've added the optional display of footprint for additional satellites, lots of display options now available. Coming soon!
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