Receive DSP Pane


To display the Receive DSP panel:

  • From the ribbon bar button (top left on the ribbon bar) select Receive DSP, or
  • From the Receive pane in the ribbon bar select DSP.


The options available are:


  • Playback device,
  • Volume and mute,
  • Spectrum display

IF display, here you can adjust the filter width and apply fine tuning with the mouse.

Mode selection, press the … button to select the modes visibble in the pane.

Filter selection, press the … button to display the Filter Definitions window.

AGC - select the AGC sppeed, optionally display the AGC fine adjustment and response.

CW peak filter.

Noise blanker - removes clicks and pops.

Noise reduction - remove background noise, improve speech reproduction.

Notch - automatically remove constant carriers and tones.

Squelch - two algoprithms, one for FM, one for other modes.