DX Cluster






Version 3.0.1 introduced spectrum markers, an exciting way to annotate the display. Version 3.0.12 takes the markers concept a step further by adding support for DX Cluster spots as shown below.

As spots arrive they are added to the display and remain for a period which you select in the options (below).

Note: Markers must be enabled if DX Cluster spots are to be shown, more information is here.


Select DX Cluster from the ribbon bar, View, Spectum pane.

The cluster dropdown is pre-populated with a list of common cluster nodes, so all you need is a callsign to logon. You must consult the cluster administrator for access information. You are not restriced to this list of nodes, you can use any DX or CC clutser node.


In the options window you configure:

  • List of cluster nodes,
  • Preamble text,
  • Automatic startup,
  • Display duration.