Digital Decoder






August 24th, 2018: Version 3.0.3 supports the long-awaited digital decoder. The modes supported are:

  • PSK: 31, 64 and 125
  • RTTY: All combinations of speed, with, bits and parity.

More modes to be added later.


From the ribbon bar, View pane, More Options panel press Select then enable Digital Decoder. After a restart a new entry is shown in the More Options panel.


The options are selected from the buttons on the left of the display:

  • β—‹ Enable or disable the digital decoder display
  • πŸ”’ Lock the decoder frequency, if not set the decoder tracks the active receiver
  • βœͺ Take a screenshot
  • ✘ Erase the text window
  • πŸ—˜ Replay the data buffer
  • πŸ“– Show all received text in your default text viewer
  • ⊞ Change the window layout
  • β–Ά Increase the display bandwidth
  • β—€ Decrease the display bandwidth

The mode is selected from the list on the left. As you select a mode the mode-specific options at the top of the display are updated.