Favourites and Memories





Favourites & Memories

The program supports Favourites (similar to a web browser) and Memories (similar to a quick memory bank).

You cannot add favourite entries to the Quick Access Toobar (top of the program).


  Favourite Memory
Count Unlimited 9 banks of 20 definitions
layout Customisable Fixed
Display bandwidth ↔
Spectrum range ↕
Waterfall contrast
# Receivers Unlimited 1
Receiver DSP





Favourites are more powerful than Memories. Each definition consists of:

  • Title, Groups and an optional Folder
  • Display range (optional)
  • Spectrum range (optional)
  • Waterfall contrast (optional)
  • Receivers including the current DSP settings for each receiver.


From the ribbon bar select Favourites.


To add a new definition select Add.

When you have entered a title and group, selected the receivers, press OK. Groups and folders are created for you if they do not exist.


To update the last selected definition with the current values in the console select Update. make changes as necessary, then press OK. This option is often used to rename definitions.


The organiser window provides a pwerful interface to control the layout and values of your definitions. A recommended option is sort - either by frequency or name.


The options here determine how a Favourite is applied:

  • Keep (do not change) the current playback device,
  • Keep (do not change) the current volume level.

Tree Pane

By popular demand the favourites can be displayed in tree format in a dockable window as shown below. Click on the image for a full-size display.








Memory definitions are similar to the quick memory bank (QMB) found on traditional radios.


From the ribbon bar select Memories.


To save the current receiver's frequency and mode:

  • Select a bank (1 - 9)
  • Select a location in the range to 20
    • Either: click on the Save icon (shown if a value is not assigned) ,or
    • select Save from the memory's dropdown.

Each definition consists of:

  • Frequency,
  • Mode.


To apply a definition just click on the blue triangular icon.


From the ribbon bar you have:

  • Save... saves the current definitions in XML format to a file.
  • Load... loads the current definitions from a file.
  • Sort AZ sorts the definitions in ascending order in the current bank by frequency.
  • Organise - an advanced window for controlling the definitions.

Everything you need is available!