Use the Markers option (added in 3.0.11) to annotate the spectrum display as shown below. In general, markers are used for:

  • Beacons
  • Fixed transmissions such as:
    • Broadcast FM,
    • Repeaters,
    • VLF - time signals.
  • Regular nets.

Markers are taken from:

  • Definitions in a local database,
  • DX Cluster,
  • Memories.


Select Markers from the ribbon bar, View, Spectrum pane. Click the button to enable the display, from the dropdown select the options below.

Add Current

Display a small window with the current frequency entered for you. Just add a title for the marker and press OK.

Show Memories

If selected, entries are added for memory definitions. More information is below.


This is the display where you manage:

  • The appearance: font size, colour and style.
  • The local database definitions: frequency, title, visible status.

Import & Export

In the configuration display you can import and export definitions in:

  • Comma Separated Values (CSV) and
  • Extensible Markup Language (XML) format.

First select the export option to create a file, the import file format is identical. Typically use a program such as Microsoft Excel to edit a CSV file and XML Notepad to edit XML files. Of course, there are many other options including Notepad.

DX Cluster

You can also add DX Cluster spots, more information is here.


Optionally display markers using your memory definitions. In the ribbon bar select Memories, in the Bank panel check [X] Markers. The display of markers must be enabled. You can also enable the display of markers from the ribbon bar, View pane.

The screenshot below shows markers displayed for the frequencies in the memory definitions.