This software supports the commonly used modes, to display the modes in the receive DSP pane click the … button and check [X] the modes you want to use.

Group Mode Notes
Amplitude Modulation (AM) AM Standard AM demodulation
  SAM Synchronous AM
  ECSS-L, ECSS-U Exalted-Carrier Selectable-Sideband
Continuous Wave (CW) CW-L, CW-U Either lower or upper sideband
Frequency Modulation (FM) Narrow FM Optional 50 µs de-emphasis, maximum bandwidth 16kHz
  Wide FM No de-emphasis, maximum bandwidth 48kHz
Use Wide FM with CW Skimmer, DSDPlus etc.
  Broadcast FM Full FM Stereo and RDS/RBDS support (more information below)
Single Sideband (SSB) Lower Sideband
Upper Sideband
Standard SSB demodulation, maximum bandwidth 4kHz
  Double Sideband Both sidebands, rarely used
  Wide (Lower)
Wide (Upper)
Standard SSB demodulation, maximum bandwidth 48kHz

Mode-specific options are available in the ribbon bar: Receive, Mode.





Broadcast FM

Broadcast FM is not just a mode - it's a project in its own right. From the Receive pane in the ribbon bar select Broadcast FM:

Broadcast FM Options

The windows are:

  • Spectrum - with the overlay mask as show on Wikipedia,
  • Extra information - a could of the RDS groups (packet types) decoded so far for the current station,
  • RDS / Audio options such as:
    • De-emphassis (different between the USA and rest of the world),
    • Decoding sensitivity and
    • Size of the RDS overlay.

Example are shown below.