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More Options

To avoid ovloading the ribbon bar with unnecessary 'clutter', some options which are rarely used have to first be enabled by selecting More Options from the View pane in the ribbon bar.

The available options are:

  • Analyser (Nov. 2017),
  • CW Skimmer,
  • External Radio,
  • Satellites.


Note: You must restart the program changing the selected options.


64-bit only: Adds support for the data analyser, used for creating large-scale analysis of data (IQ) recordings. 

CW Skimmer

Adds support for the CW Skimmer from Afreet Software, Inc.

External Radio

Synchronise frequency and mode with an external radio - the SDR is then used as either a panadapter¹ or alternative receiver, optionally with frequency and mode synchronised with the external radio. This is an extra window added to the receiver DSP panel, so make sure the receiver DSP is shown.
¹ Panadapter is an abbreviation for Panoramic Adapter, the SDR provides the spectrum and waterfall for the external radio. The SDR can also be used instead of the external radio's receiver as SDR is generally superior.


Provides full satellite support: