Data (IQ) Scheduler

The data scheduler is a powerful recording feature:

  • Unlimited entries
  • Automatically start the radio
  • Scheduler recordings for the next 365 days

From the Rec/Playback pane in the ribbon bar select Data :: SchedulerSchedule, the Scheduler window is displayed.


The entries shown in the scheduler interface (below) are held in a SQLite database SchedulerDatabase_001.sqlite located is the User folder.

Below is a definition to record a net of aged hams on 80m from 7AM to 8AM, weekdays only.

When you press OK you are prompted to add the definition to the scheduled recordings.

An entry is added for the default start time if it is in the future. To add recurring entries select:

  • Days of the week,
  • Number of days.

As you make changed the list is automatically updated.

Press Add to add entries for the selected [✓] entries.


The actual scheduler is a background thread in the console which reads definitions from the XML when the program starts and whenever this file is changed.

The active schedule is an XML file created every time you add entries to the scedule. The file is SDR-Schedule_000.xml in the User folder, to display the user folder:

  • Ribbon bar, Tools
  • From the Files button select User Folder - the Windows Explorer is opened.

The scheduled recordings window shows the recordings which will run if the console is started and the scheduler is also started.


Don't forget to start the scheduler! The setting is preserved between instances of this program.