There are two types of configuration options:

  • Common 
    • Graphics equalisor,
    • Master gain,
    • Microphone passband,
    • Tone generator.
  • Hardware-specific 
    • CW generation (iambic keyer),
    • Microphone boost, configuration
    • Open collector outputs,
    • Power amplifier.


Select the common options from either:

  • The Transmit pane in the ribbon bar, or
  • Click the  •••  button in the TX area of the Transmit panel.

The common options are:

  • Graphical equaliser,
  • Master gain,
  • Passband and
  • Tone options.

Master Gain

Adjust the maximum gain, processing and drive level for each amateur band. The effective gain is the mater gain * value in the DSP panel. For example, if the master gain is 80 and the panel level is 75 then the actual gain is (80 * 75) / 100 = 60.

The suggested method for setting the master gain is:

  • Set the levels in the DSP panel to 100
  • Set the master gain levels to 0
  • Switch to transmit using the tone generator
  • Increase the master gain and drive level to reach the desired output
  • Switch off the tone generator, using a microphone adjust the proc level to achieve the desired amount or processing.

Note: the current band is automatically select.


This is the transmitted audio bandwidth. The filter shape for the current selection is displayed. For normal SSB use a bandwidth of 100 to 2,900 Hz is suggested.


When tuning and antenna or optimising a transmitter it is useful to display one, two or even three tones. For each tone select the frequency and strength relative to full scale.

Press Two Tone to select the standard two-tone definition: 700 Hz and 1900 Hz, each -3dB below full scale.

Hardware Specific

Select the hardware-specific options from either:

  • First page of the common options, or
  • The home pane of the ribbon bar - the Radio Configuration button.

The ANAN hardware-specific options are:

  • CW - configure the CW generator,
  • Microphone and
  • Power Amplifier (PA).


The ANAN radios have a CW generator built into the firmware (FPGA). 


Supports line=in, 20 dB microphone boost (required for some dynamic microphones) and options specific to the Orion board.

Open Collector Outputs

ANAN hardware has 8 open collector outputs, defines these for TX and RX on a per-band basis. Typically use these outputs to drive amplifiers, pre-amplifiers, antenna tuning units and similar devices.

Power Amplifier

On some models you must enable the PA.