Relays are supported when you change between receive and transmit, for example switching antennas or a power supply to a transmit amplifier.

USB Relays

Be careful - not all USB relays are the same.

eBay: New 5V USB Relay 2 Channel Programmable Computer Control For Smart Home - name not always the same, but can be idenmtified by:

  • Image (below)
  • Has green connectors (not blue)
  • Uses HID technology/ interface
  • Vendor ID: 16C0, Product ID: 05DF
  • Available with 1, 2, 4 or 8 relays
  • eBay vendor: 
  • Amazon:
  • Software:
    • "We also provide an application and the C++ develop library that you can easy to integrate this module to your project."
    • There must be reference to a software library or application

 Note: green connectors!

Warning: there are devices with blue connectors and no reference to software - these are not supported.