After starting the radio select Radio Configuration from the Home pane of thr ribbon bar.

        First select your model on the PA | Model page. The model selection determines the PWR (Power) calibration.



  • CW
  • Pre-amp
  • Microphone | PTT
  • Output Pins
  • PA | Model
  • Speaker latency
  • Visual Gain (RX)
  • Help

Each page is described in detail below.


The ANAN hardware has full Iambic keyer logic built into the firmware, the keyer supports mode A and B. Whan the CW memory keyer is added to the console an extra panel will be available with the WPM available for easy selection.


Currently only the 6m pre-amp can be enabled, check first whether your hardware supports this pre-amp.

Microphone | PTT

These options are only used by the microphone connected to the ANAN hardware.

Output Pins

Use the open collector output pins for remote antenna and/or amplifier control. Seven pins are selectable for each band.

PA | Model

Some models can enable/disable the PA.

Select the model - the model determines the PWR calibration in the meter window of the main console display.

Speaker Latency

Here you optimise the host speaker/headphone latency. Two settings:

  1. Receiver audio - used when the demodulated audio is routed through the 'Speakers on Radio' option.
  2. TX Monitor - used when monitoring your own audio.

Visual Gain (RX)

Increase the visual gain for each ADC on the hardware.


Here you:

  • View the online help,
  • Show the ANAN discovery packet which shows:
    • MAC address
    • Board type
    • Protocol and firmware version
  • Hardware Capability which is based on the board type.