Airspy Server







When you search for an Airspy Server device you must first know the IP address and port number assigned to the system. The Airspy Autodetect window is shown below. Enter the address and port number, then press Search. If a device is found it is shown underneath the Address field.

Network Bandwidth

Pay attention to the network bandwidth, this is directly proportional to:

  • Bandwidth selected when starting the radio,
  • Resolution (see ribbon bar below).

The lowest resolution is 8 bits which is very usable due to excellent dynamic gain enabled in the Airspy server.


If the audio is erratic and appears to stutter then you have the following options:

  1. Reduce the bandwidth selected when starting the Airspy server connection,
  2. Reduce the resolution,
  3. Increase the buffering (ribbon bar, above).

Buffering is used to overcome irregular network latency between the console and Airspy server. Normally 100ms is good, if needed increase this value.

WiFi is never a good option - latency can vary greatly, only use a WiFi link if absolutely necessary.