Cross Country Wireless






The SDR-4+ is an HF general coverage SDR receiver covering from 0.85 to 70.5 MHz. It has a Si570 low noise synthesised VFO, relay-switched band-pass filtering, ultra high IP3 InGaP HBT RF amplifier and a built-in USB soundcard.

Key design features include:

  • Antenna isolation transformer with a 50 ohm impedance input for use with coax fed antennas
  • Extra antenna isolation when the receiver is powered down
  • Relay switched RF band pass filters
  • RF amplifier now using a ultra high IP3 InGaP HBT RF amplifier in the receiver front end
  • Built-in USB stereo soundcard
  • 3.5mm soundcard audio output for headphone monitoring or connection to datamodes program
  • 3.5mm IQ audio output for connection to external high sampling rate sound cards
  • Built in a compact aluminium case 175 x 106 x 30 mm