The DXpatrol is based on the RTL Dongles.

  • Read the RTL Dongle support page - you must copy extra support DLLs before the DXpatrol works.
  • When using the HF up-converter you must apply an up-converter value of 40MHz (below).




Up/Down Converters

The necessary frequency correction support for up-converters and down-converters is selected from the  Radio Definitions window. Check the [_] Converter selection option, them pressEdit to display the Converter Definitions window. Use this window to define down-converter and up-converter offsets. You now select a predefined offset when starting your radio.

An example of a down-converter receives signals in the range 88 to 108 MHz and outputs the same signals in the range 8 to 28 MHz, that is 80 MHz lower.

An example of an up-converter receives signals in the range 1 to 30 MHz and outputs these same signals in the range 151 to 180 MHz, that is 150 MHz higher.

Simply enter the frequency difference and select down-converter or up-converter.