Lime Mini - Wrong Data

When starting a stream, sometimes the data is almost right - but isn’t. In the first image there are spurs every ~ 12kHz apart.

By simply setting the LO frequency again the data is then correct (below). Note: the LO frequency is the radio's centre frequency as shown at the bottom of the console display.

This problem is being actively investiagted.


USB Interface

When searching for Lime SDRs the interface (USB 2 / USB 3) is returned. For example:

LimeSDR-USB, media=USB 3.0, module=FX3, serial=0009060B00471621, index=0

When starting the Lime more detailed information is shown in the logfile, for example:

Radio LimeSDR> Device: device name ............: LimeSDR-USB
Radio LimeSDR>         expansion name .........: UNSUPPORTED
Radio LimeSDR>         firmware version .......: 4
Radio LimeSDR>         hardware version .......: 4
Radio LimeSDR>         protocol version .......: 1
Radio LimeSDR>         board serial number ....: x00471621
Radio LimeSDR>         gateware version .......: 2.18
Radio LimeSDR>         gateware target board ..: LimeSDR-USB
Radio LimeSDR>         library version ........: 19.04.1-unknown


No Response

If you do not get any response from the LimeSDR make sure the USB cable is pushed firmly into the board - this may sound obvious, but it has happened!



If you have problems such as breaks in reception or 'stutter' please visit the USB support page [link].