WiNRADiO Sigma

Support for the WR-G65DDCe 'Excalibur Sigma' is included in release 3.0.12, 64-bit kits only.

You must install the WR-G65DDC control software as SDR Console uses the DLL G65DDCAPI.dll. This DLL must be in either:

  • C:\Windows\SysWOW64,
  • C:\Windows\System32, or
  • The SDR Console installation folder.

You can also copy the DLL from another computer to the SDR Console installation folder.

If the DLL is not found then SDR Console will not open the Sigma receiver.


To display the maximum bandwidth supported by Sigma an NVIDIA CUDA card is required for the FFT processing.






Unfortunately both receivers implement the API as a 32-bit dynamic library which cannot be loaded into a 64-bit application such as SDR Console.

There is a very complex solution: "This issue can be solved by loading the dependency DLL into a separate 32-bit process space. The main module, running as a 64-bit process, can then access the dependency DLL across the process boundary using IPC". See this article for more information.

As a result, support for the G31DDC and G33DDC receivers is not currentlyplanned.