bladeRF 2.0

September 12th, 2018 Release 3.0.3 Supports the bladeRF 2.0.

A new support DLL bladeRF v2 has been added which supports both the original bladeRF1 and the new bladeRF2, the major difference is a much improved and simplified gain control. The orginal bladeRF support DLL is still part of the kit.


New Installer

June 30th, 2016 The developers at NUAND have released a new installer which fixes all known issues, the installer file is bladerf_win_installer.exe.

NUAND Downloads are here.

Programmer Notes

Source Code

Code is located on GitHub at Download into a folder on the E drive, folder format is E:\bladeRF YYYY-MM-DD\bladeRF-master.


NUAND's code is compiled into bladeRF.dll and bladeRF.lib, the library stored as:

  • E:\bladerf-code\Latest\x64\Debug\bladeRF.lib
  • E:\bladerf-code\Latest\x64\Release\bladeRF.lib
  • E:\bladerf-code\Latest\x86\Debug\bladeRF.lib
  • E:\bladerf-code\Latest\x86\Release\bladeRF.lib


Start CMake, enable CYAPI (Cypress driver) and LIBUSB (LibUSB 1.0.19 driver), specify path to libusb 1.0.19 (screenshots below). There are two phases, start with x86 then add x64.

  1. Run CMake
  2. Specify build folder as E:/bladerf-code/YYYY-MM-DD/Code/x86
  3. Press Configure, select VS2010 (x86 is the default)
  4. Now fix errors etc.
  7. Specify the LIBUSB_PATH as E:/libusb-1.0.19 to correct the default value (which is wrong)
  8. Press Configure again
  9. Press Generate

Now generate x64 code:

  1. Change build folder to E:/bladerf-code/YYYY-MM-DD/Code/x64
  2. Repeat, this time with E:/bladerf-code/YYYY-MM-DD/Code/x64 and VS2010 x64



Now build the solutions.

  1. CMake created a separate solution for x86 and x64
  2. Enable all possible C++ optimisations, here are before and after screenshots. Do this for x86 and x64.
  3. For each build (debug, release) and platform(x86, x64) copy bladeRF.dll and bladeRF.lib to E:\bladerf-code\Latest\platform\build
  4. For each build (debug, release) and platform(x86, x64) copy bladeRF.dll to corresponding folder in the \ tree
  5. Copy libbladeRF.h from E:\bladeRF YYYY-MM-DD\bladeRF-master\host\libraries\libbladeRF\include to E:\bladerf-code\Latest\Include

Now build the support dll SDRSourceBladeRF.dll as per normal.

June 22nd, 2015

Updated with latest code from GitHub. The drivers supported are:

  • Cypress
  • LibUSB 1.0.19

Many thank to the NUAND team, especially Jon for the rapid help.

Cypress Drivers

The homepage is and the FX3 page is possibly until the links change.Add Content...


The drivers and latest firmware are installed with the NUAND installer: .