If you hear breaks in the audio:

  • Check latest drivers are installed, and
  • Increase the buffer size.


Buffer Size

If the timing of the data flow from the SDR is not stable you hear pops and crackles in the audio. There are many reasons why the data flow may not be constant, for example:

  • Network interruptions (downloading Windows updates, ...),
  • USB data flow may not be smooth on some low-end PCs,
  • CPU interruptions from other programs.

You can increase the buffer size to minimise uderruns and overuns, however the latency is increased. The playback target is to have the unplayed data size between the low and high thresholds.



Check the latest (correct) drivers are installed for your audio device. Even though regular Windows updates keep Windows itself updated, the latest drivers for 3rd-party hardware are not necessarily update.

Realtek HD

Realtek's High Definition Audio Driver is one of the most used sound drivers on Windows computers but are not necessarily updated to the latest version by Windows updates.

If you have a Realtek HD audio device on your computer then go to the Realtek website sand earch for HD audio driver pack and update drivers.