If You Need Support...

As the main programming force behind SDR Console and the associated website and hardware I do my very best to support the users, but this also requires that you help me as well. The guidelines are below, please follow them as much as possible.


User Group - Yes!

The user group is hosted on Here you will find many other users of this software as well as owners and active users of all the hardware supported. The group also discusses SDR in general. Visit the group at .




E-Mail - No!

Please do not send e-mail to the developers unless absolutely necessary. The fount of all knowledge is the forum, several thousand happy members of this group are ready to help you. I prefer not to answer questions one to one, rather the user group as a whole as this is a much more efficient use of developer resources and encouages debate. Direct e-mail will not be answered immediately, it's added to the long to-do list.



Facebook, Twitter - No!

I'm sorry, but Facebook forums are not the place for proper support. Developers may join a thread with comments or offer help, but please don't expect support on Facebook.

Twitter is worse - how can support be offered with the limits placed on the size of a tweet?




Help - I Have A Problem!

If you have a problem please post on the User Group.

Start a new thread, do not hijack an existing thread. 

Put a summary of the problem in the Subject field.


  • Description of your computer (more below),
  • Screenshot (below) - this is essential,
  • Logfile (below) - can help sometimes.

    No videos - these really don't help, screenshots are much better.

Screenshots and logfiles should be attached, not entered in the body of the message as images will have the resolution reduced.

Provide as much information as you can. And don't forget the screenshot!

Computer Description

Windows has a built-in tool DirectX Diagnsotics which provides a full description of your computer. Start this program from the Console's Ribbon bar, Tools, Settings.

When started a prompt arrpeares asking about signed drivers - select No.

The main window appears, this contains all the ifnromation required. Either make a screen capture or press Save All Information to create a text file. Simply attach the screen capture and/or text file.



Crash Dump

If you see a small 'Please Wait' window followed by a BugTrap error report please upload the contents of the error report to the cloud, for example with one of these free providers:

Then send an e-mail to with the link to the uploaded files. All object and symbol files used by preview kits are stored so that the crash dumps can be successfully analysed.










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