Airspy HF+

The World Radio TV Handbook (WRTH) compared the Airspy HF+ against many budget and expensive radios in the market. The results were so good that they also brought their gold standard Racal RA3791 to the game, and the results are surprising! Full review in December. Stay tuned.

Here's what they say:

In comparison the BDR of most SDRs we have measured would be expected to be consistently less. Most simple 'dongle' SDRs would probably be 30-40dB worse and possibly worse than that in some cases.

In practical terms this implies that the Airspy HF+ can be expected to give a very good account of itself when used with relatively large antennas and also when operating in frequency bands where very stong signals are adjacent. Out listening tests suggested that it did both these things with aplomb







This software supports radios from many manufacturers, all currently supported radios are shown here.

Transmit support is available now, currently supporting the ANAN-10e, ANAN 8000DLE and other ANAN transceivers.

All images on this page belong to their respective manufacturers unless taken by the authour. For the most accurate information please visit the manufacturer's website


Up/Down Converters

The necessary frequency correction support for up-converters and down-converters is selected from the  Radio Definitions window. Check the [_] Converter selection option, them pressEdit to display the Converter Definitions window. Use this window to define down-converter and up-converter offsets. You now select a predefined offset when starting your radio.

An example of a down-converter receives signals in the range 88 to 108 MHz and outputs the same signals in the range 8 to 28 MHz, that is 80 MHz lower.

An example of an up-converter receives signals in the range 1 to 30 MHz and outputs these same signals in the range 151 to 180 MHz, that is 150 MHz higher.

Simply enter the frequency difference and select down-converter or up-converter.


For distributing the signal from the main receiving antenna (a Wellbrook loop) the multicouplers from Stridsberg Engineering are used.

GPS Reference Clock

The units from Leo Bodnar electronics come very highly recommended. The laboratory uses the second device - two synchronised low-jitter reference clocks locked to GPS signals. You will surely be satisfied with either unit.



Supported Radios


Manufacturer Model Status
Afedri Afedri SDR  
Airspy Airspy
Airspy Mini
Airspy HF+
Airspy (SPY Server)
Analog Devices ADALM-PLUTO  
Andrus SDR 1.5  
Cross Country Wireless SDR-4+ USB soundcard
DXpatrol DXpatrol Supported, see RTL Dongles
Ettus Research B200
Other radios from Ettus Research should also work
Great Scott Gadgets hackRF  
Hanlincrest Ltd. FUNcube
FUNcube Plus
Hermes Lite HL2 TX support in 3.0.15
ICOM R8600  
Lime Microsystems LimeSDR
Lime3SDR Mini
Under active and enthusiastic development. Note: LMS8001 companion board support is not planned.
microTelecom Perseus  
NUAND bladeRF  
RFspace SDR-IQ
RTL Dongles  Many different For sale on eBay
RSP2, RSPduo
Softrock Many different  Examples are Tony Parks (KB9YIG), FiFi, Cross Country Wireless and many more.
WiNRADiO Sigma