Scott Traurig, WU2O running V3 on an ANAN-200D










Computer Talk

This software is designed for Windows on the x86 hardware only. The recommended minimum system configuration for a new hardware acquisition is:

  • Windows 7 64-bit,
  • Intel I3,
  • 8GB RAM.



Various articles from Jane's and other sources, also on the front cover of the 2018 ARRL Handbook.


Licencing & Legal

This software is available free of charge only for hobby users such as  radio amateurs and shortwave enthusiasts. Commercial and government users must either purchase a licence.

This software uses some open source software such as icons and DSP routines.


External Radio

You can integrate a standard transceiver with an SDR receiver to create the ultimate solution in terms of cost effectiveness, integration and system flexibility.


All receivers have a Signal Meter (S Meter). SDR Console offers a digital bar and a psudo analog meter.