Astounding performance with SDRPlay on V3 Preview 4

That's with the receive bandwidth set to 10 MHz, despite the cautionary note on Simon's website about attempting 10 MHz bandwidth on USB 2. I'm getting perfect audio, no dropouts. And look at the signal strength of the station on Receiver #17 compared to the noise floor - that's a 70 dB dynamic range with a high gain vertical whip and the LNA off. Clean spectrum all the way across (few tiny spikes are local QRM), no IM anywhere - and that's in the Dallas / Ft. Worth metroplex where there are 2 dozen high-power broadcast FM stations.

For anyone considering an SDRPlay, I also noticed this morning that it's selling for $129 at the official website and HRO until the end of the month. NOTE: In the interest of disclosure, I have no affiliation with SDRPlay or HRO, I'm just a very happy SDRPlay user!

Disclaimer: I'm running on a slightly overclocked (4.3 GHz) i7-6700K processor so your results may vary.

Thank you very much, Simon!