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V3 Server
V3 Server

Still early days - testing the connection between Cornwall and North Carolina. Streaming IQ data, working well. Enjoying the AM transmissions on 80m.

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  • Viridis Posted 3 days ago
    The viridis scales provide color maps that are perceptually uniform in both color and black-and-white. They are also designed to be perceived by viewers with common forms of color blindness. [link to ggplot2] Here's an example of RTTY in action with version 3.0.3 (not available yet), click for a full-size image.
  • Release: 3.0.2 Posted last week
    Performance Some of the early V3 code was not as efficient as it should have been - the Windows message pump was working too hard. Messages have been replaced with callacks and high-precision timers, as a result performance and CPU load on lower-powered computers such as the Core2Duo and mobile CPUs has improved, sometimes quite dramatically. Additions / Fixes Added Favourite Definition Groups. You can now have up to 5 optional sets of Favourite definitions as well as the Default. More below… Added single-tuner RSPduo support. Changing spectrum colours now updates the RX DSP pane if the pane is floating. Latest HF+ library now in use. Issues clicking on main window splitter causing areas of the display to go white (not be painted) resolved. Fixed issues setting recording options via the Program Options. Reduced Airspy / Airspy HF+ latency. Satellite custom name definitions can now be undone. Outstanding Bugs Restarting doesn’t restore the filter width, this always reverts to the default for the last used mode.   Favourite Definition Groups Select from the Defns panel in the ribbon bar, Defns is only shown if you have ...
  • RSPduo Posted last month
    I just spent two days getting the RSPduo integrated with version 3.0.2 using the RSP specification 2.13. So far, so good - works well. Aiming to release 3.0.2 which has fixes and extra Favourites features.
  • CW Decoder Posted last month
    I've always wanted to write a CW decoder from the ground up, a decoder which is as good as the human ear and possibly better. A week ago I started this project as an add-on for V3, the deocder is working but there's a long way to go. It'll probably be available by the end of August, for now here's a taster decoding the NQY (Newquay airport) beacon on 347kHz. Note: this is a development window with extra data to help get synchronised and extract real signals from the noise. Who knows, maybe add some AI as well?  
  • Release: 3.0.1 Posted last month
    Additions / Fixes High / Low range in Spectrum now has sanity checks Updated to latest Airspy HF+ code (iqimbalancer) Serial port CAT control supports concatenated commands Bitrate display in Server Manager / Connections now stable RDS data window positioned better, size now user-selectable (ribbon bar, Receive, Mode, Broadcast FM, RDS / Audio, Max size) Regular keepalive Acks now sent when using SDR-IQ, SDR-14, ANAN ICOM R8600 support If there is an error during a data recording (usually can’t write to disk fast enough) then the error is shown in the recording status window on the main UI Added visual gain for ELAD S1/S2 Deferred auto-start of previously selected radio, applied extra logic in the case where the radio may no longer be available Narrow FM - high-pass filter now selectable (Ribbon Bar, Receive, Mode, Narrow FM)
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